Behind the Heart Blog

  • The Little Heart Series Ornament Holiday 2021

    In 2020 I started doing a very special hand made holiday ornament that kind of expresses the things I learned from the year. This years ornament's them is "Go Find Yourself" and fits nicely within the umbrella of my Little Heart paintings.

    I wrote a poem to convey this years message which is about loving yourself. So, if you find yourself here and we do not know each other, I invite you to watch my little video... because I am certain that we are fellow heart travelers.

  • Behind the Art: The Way I Feel - Self Portraits of an Expanding Consciousness

    I would like to dedicate this series to all the seekers and searchers on the path of discovering their own inner truths. It is not an easy road being an emotional pioneer. Awakening to your own inner emotional guidance system should be a gift and yet for me, it has felt like a curse at times... especially when I didn’t fully understand what was unfolding deep inside myself. 

    “The Way I Feel” is a series I created to explore and document the deep (and often inconsistent) emotional waves that I have experienced all my life. It has been an ongoing struggle to understand and sort out what exactly happens to me when I experience, not only my own emotions, but the emotional energy of others. 

  • The Story Behind The Little Heart Series

    The Little Heart Series is special to me. I suppose every artist says that about their latest creations. All I can tell you is that this series wasn’t planned. It was more of a reaction and coping mechanism to the events of my life during the Summer of 2019.