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Prints - "Candid Candy Heart Conversations" Collection by Christopher Box

Prints - "Candid Candy Heart Conversations" Collection by Christopher Box


    Picture this: it's 2019, and I get a call from my friend at Neiman Marcus (yeah, the fancy shmancy brand). She had a totally last minute art installation opening at their flagship store in Dallas, TX, and she thought my art would be the perfect fit! Cue the happy dance! The only issue? I didn't have enough pieces to fill the space.

    But then, an idea hit me like Cupid's arrow - I wanted to showcase the quirky, "shallow" side of my personality. And with Valentine's Day candies hitting the shelves in January, it all clicked. I decided to take all the witty one-liners in my head and put them on display for the world to see.

    Thus, my latest art series was born - inspired by the iconic Valentine's Day candies, Conversation Hearts! You know the ones - "Be Mine," "Cutie Pie," "Love Bug." But did you know these little gems were born in a pharmacy way back in 1847?  

    Yep, a dude named Oliver R. Chase was cutting medications when he suddenly had a brilliant idea: what if he used the same machine to make candy? Swap out the meds with sugar and flavoring, and boom - the first candy machine was born! But the real magic happened when Oliver's brother, Daniel Chase, created a machine to stamp messages on the heart-shaped candies. And just like that, the world was blessed with conversation hearts.

    And thanks to that fated phone call I got a chance to take their idea to the next level and bring these candies to the world of fine art. You are welcome and equally, I am sorry!

    - Christopher Box

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    The Heart Division is a locally owned and operated art gallery and boutique shop located in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Featuring visionary original art and prints by Christopher Box, locally made hand-poured candles, teas and other exciting gifts.