I shop with my senses! I love to notice the small, minute, “blink and you miss it” things…small details that can wow and captivate.

Ever since I was a young fella, I would be paying attention to literally everything going on around me. The temperature of where I was at, the way the fabrics and surface textures felt against my skin, the scent permeating the room, the way the light hits the product at certain times a day…All of these factors can tell a very unique and personal story in our experience when we connect to and purchase merchandise. I want to feel connected to my purchase and not to just buy something for the sake of buying it. 

I want to bring my eye for these details into our store so that when guests come in and shop with us, that moment will be unforgettable. They will close their eyes and think of the time they were in Eureka Springs, they can smell, feel and recall the Heart Division brand, and how it made them feel. That is just as, if not more important than making a sale. I want our guests to value the experience just as much as the purchase.

I plan to bring my unique perspective and my 22 years of experience working in marketing & creative in the luxury goods retail sector, both on the print and e-commerce side of things…to bring my own personal touch of magic to Eureka Springs.