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The Tea Shop

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    Psst! Hey, tea-lovers! Ready to take your taste buds on a wild, steeped adventure through the quirkiest local tea offerings this side of the kettle? Well, buckle up and grab your favorite mug because we're about to spill the tea on some seriously brew-tiful blends!

    Picture this: You're sipping on a cuppa that's more hipster than your cousin's vintage vinyl collection. That's right, we've got teas so cool, even the cucumber sandwiches are jealous! From 'Dear Chocolate, I Love You' to 'Beauty and the Beets,' our friends at Savoy Tea Co.'s local tea game is stronger than your aunt's opinions on how to properly brew a cup.

    So, whether you're a certified tea snob or just someone who likes to dunk biscuits until they reach optimal squishiness, our local tea offerings rom Savoy Tea Co. have something to tickle every fancy. Go on, spice up your sipping game and join us in a brew-tiful journey through the wacky world of tea! It's like a flavor adventure in every cup. Bottoms up!

    About us:

    The Heart Division is a locally owned and operated art gallery and boutique shop located in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Featuring visionary original art and prints by Christopher Box, locally made hand-poured candles, teas and other exciting gifts.