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Prints - "The Way I Feel, Self Portraits of an Expanding Consciousness" by Christopher Box


    "The Way I Feel" Series: A Reflection on the Complexity and Beauty of Human Emotion

    This series was borne from the deep-seated emotional waves, which I have experienced throughout my life. Understanding my own emotions, as well as those of others, has been an ongoing challenge. Emotions are intricate, multi-layered, and unique to each individual. With patience, however, they can be a precious gift.

     As you explore each piece of the series, take a moment to acknowledge the emotions that surface within you. They offer insights into your own emotional development and reveal much about who you are. I present these pieces as a living journal of my own emotional journey. Have you experienced similar emotions? Can you resonate with the songs of my heart?

    Emotions are a potent source of power and wisdom, as they are the essence of our being. I hope that this art series will help you tap into your emotional strength and discover the treasures that lie within. Remember, we are all mirrors that reflect the beauty and complexity of human emotion.

    Prints from "The Way I Feel, Self Portraits of an Expanding Consciousness" collection by Christopher Box

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    The Heart Division is a locally owned and operated art gallery and boutique shop located in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Featuring visionary original art and prints by Christopher Box, locally made hand-poured candles, teas and other exciting gifts.