Welcome to The Heart Division

I intend to make this site a place to explore the shallow end as well as the deep end of the human condition through the vehicle of art. The heart was made to be broken. Why? When a heart breaks it comes it has the potential to mend and expand. When a heart grows it can then be a light for others.

When it comes to my art I like to flip the script, flip the perspective and even sometimes flip people off (if needed). There are times my art can be a bit shocking and other times it is soft like the sad love song that you just can’t get enough of. If you are easily offended then you will find plenty of things here that will get you on that train super quick. But if you take the time to explore all of my work, I think what you will ultimately see, is a message of love and acceptance of all humans. 

I like my enlightenment with a side of dark humor. I feel my art deeply reflects that. We are all on a journey here... and sometimes that journey can be a really bumpy ride. It’s easy to find the beauty in beautiful things. Sometimes, I like to find the beauty in the ugly things. The truth is that the ugly has a way of teaching us things that eventually unlock the beauty within ourselves. 

My job here on this big blue marble is NOT to fit in. It is to be my most authentic self so others can see they can be themselves too. I like to think of my paintings as well crafted questions in art form. They are made to provoke a feeling. Whether that feeling is good or bad depends upon you - the viewer. 

Art is a projection of yourself. You project your experiences onto mine. Sometimes those things line up and sometimes they don’t. I think 80’s pop icon, Boy George, said it best - “It’s better to be looked at, than looked over”. 

Christopher Box - Dallas Based Artist, Dreamer & Entrepreneur