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"Willow's Heart" Hand-Poured Candles

"Willow's Heart" Hand-Poured Candles

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    Welcome to the enchanting realm of Willow’s Heart Candles, where every flicker ignites a symphony of floral elegance and ethereal bliss.

    Indulge your senses in the delicate dance of fragrances that transport you to a blooming garden under a moonlit sky. Each candle is crafted with meticulous care, infusing the purest essences of nature into every waxen vessel.

    Illuminate your space with the essence of tranquility and serenity. Our candles are more than just wax and wick; they're a gateway to a realm where time slows, and worries melt away like petals in the breeze.

    From the intoxicating allure of vanilla musk to the soothing embrace of citrus, our candles are a bouquet of emotions waiting to be unleashed. Whether you seek solace in solitude or wish to elevate a special moment, Willow’s Heart Candles are your guide to a world of sensory enchantment.

    So, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Illuminate your life with the essence of blossoms and let Willow’s Heart Candles be your beacon of floral fantasy. Step into a world where every breath is a bouquet and every flicker ignites the soul.

    About us:

    The Heart Division is a locally owned and operated art gallery and boutique shop located in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Featuring visionary original art and prints by Christopher Box, locally made hand-poured candles, teas and other exciting gifts.