Places You're Going to Love In Eureka Springs - Brews


With the summer heating up, we got places to be and people to see! When we are not in the studio producing product or art, we stroll around Eureka Springs on foot as much as possible. The people watching is always excellent. The trails and springs are always worth taking a few minutes to admire.

When I'm galavanting around our township, I take my "I'm A Lot Weirder Than You Think" Heart Division tote with me, as it provides obvious practical applications.

On afternoons when I want to wrap up some work away from the home office, I'll stroll over to our local coffeeshop - Brews, right down the street from our house. I gather my laptop, charger/cables, over the ear headphones, wallet, sunnies, eye drops, and a good luck stone of choice; and toss them all into my tote and head out the door for the lovely 10 minute stroll down Spring Street.


(Brews, located @ 2 Pine Street - offers delicious coffee and snacks all day long.)


Brews is one of my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee or tea, a blueberry muffin, or even beer! Located at 2 Pine St, here in Eureka Springs, it's a staple of culture and coffee all year long. They host a plethora of events, from karaoke, to open mic nights. Check out what is going at Brews here!


Besides coffee, they have numerous beer selections on tap, as well as a full bar to make a beverage of your choice. Along with several food options if you are feeling a rumble in your tummy, They have you covered. Check out the menu.


(Place your order for a beverage or one of their many food options, and the friendly staff will take very good care of you.)


My favorite part of Brews is twofold - one is the staff. Always smiling and making sure your order is made quickly and accurately, they are the friendliest and most welcoming staff in the entire town. Two - they are dog friendly! You can bring your pooch in and enjoy a beverage with them, no problem. By far my favorite feature, because I have to stop and talk to the doggo's whenever I am out.

And it is also of note, to speak of the patrons - Brews has been a gathering place for all the amazing locals when they want to catch up, celebrate birthdays, or to just perch and people watch. You will see many familiar people having a cup coffee while reading or perched on the patio chatting with friends over a beer.  It really lives up to it's nickname "It's Eureka's Living Room"!


(Brews offers spacious seating areas, along with an outdoor patio area.)


The owner John is also an well known local artist, and holds rotating themed art exhibitions from our amazing local artists right in the coffee shop. Your's truly has been featured in a couple of these amazing shows. If you are visiting, make sure to stop in and look at the exhibitions by some of our towns EXTREMELY talented individuals. All exhibition art can be purchased during these showings, if you find a piece that moves you and has not been purchased.

I'm really hoping I get the nickname "the weird tote bag guy seen running to, and from Brews" at some point.


(About to sing a song, with Nate hosting Karaoke in the background.) 

- Corbin