The Little Heart Series Ornament Holiday 2021


In 2020 I started doing a very special hand made holiday ornament that kind of expresses the things I learned from the year. This years ornament's them is "Go Find Yourself" and fits nicely within the umbrella of my Little Heart paintings.

I wrote a poem to convey this years message which is about loving yourself. So, if you find yourself here and we do not know each other, I invite you to watch my little video... because I am certain that we are fellow heart travelers.

 Go Find Yourself

Go find yourself in the mountains.

Go find yourself in the sea.

You might even find a piece or two,

hidden somewhere deep inside of me. 


Take a look in the mirror,

look deeper than the deep, 

and tell me what you see.

Maybe a little bit of you?

And maybe little bit of me? 


The more I learn about life.

The more I truly believe

That what I do to you,

I am also doing to me.


Take a look into the night sky

Look deeper than the deep. 

Do you see where it all begins?

Or maybe you can you tell me

 where does it all end...


So, go find yourself in your friends. 

Go find yourself in your family. 

You might even find a piece or two

in more than just a few of your enemies. 


The truth of life is quite simple

and yet is often so far out of reach.

The truth of truths is pretty straightforward,

Because I am you and you are me. 


It is such a simple secret

Almost too good to be true

That by loving myself to the fullest

I am also loving you.